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Carvery Call Collect

L AND O’S Call and Collect
A cross between click & collect & a drive thru.

From 1 to 2:30pm & from 5:30 to 7:30pm for our call & collect traditional Sunday carvery.

How it works
On a Wednesday we will post the carvery menu on Facebook for you to peruse.   If you don’t Facebook, a copy will be in the bistro window, or enquire when you ring to book.  When you have decided on your choices of starter and/or pud, call us with your order & desired collection time.

We will confirm your order & time & take your mobile number; if your desired time is already booked, we will give the closest available slot, approximately 10 mins per slot.

Before you leave put your oven on low & put your plates in to warm, our containers are ovenable at 120c for 30minutes so giving you time to eat your starter or to keep your pud warm while you eat your main course; bring your mobile with you, you’re just about to find out why.

On arrival wait in your car until we either ring you or call you in (that’s why you don’t want to leave your phone behind).

When you enter, a sanitizer will be provided for your use before you go to the bar to pay.

Card or contactless please (cotton buds will be provided to use for chip & pin transactions.  

Your main courses will be served from the carvery.  Your meat will be carved for you and you’ll be given clean cutlery to help yourself to the choices of potatoes & fresh vegetables available. Sauces/gravies as required will be provided in separate containers.

We are allocating time slots of 10 minutes per customer depending on how big the order is.   So please arrive promptly as arriving late could have a knock on effect; you might even be knocked back to a later slot, but not too early please as parking can be limited.

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